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About General Cargo

Welcome to the site of General Cargo, an international freight-forwarding company. Since 2006 we offer our clients a whole package of traffic services:

When General Cargo was just entering the international transport market, we carried out some opinion survey to identify the main qualities valued by the clients of shipping companies, and they proved to be stability, reliability, and promptness of the transporter. Since then we try our best to conform to these criteria.

An example of stability is a fixed rate we use in calculation of the shipping price. Even if BAF or CAF should increase during the transportation, the price is calculated according to the rate which was approved by the client and stated in the contract.

General Cargo uses several innovations to provide maximum promptness to its clients. The first of them is the online calculation of the shipping price on our site. During one hour after sending the request, the client receives a detailed business proposal with the cargo shipping terms stated in the request. The second one is using multimodal (combined) transportation. The third one is reporting the cargo's location instantly by e-mail or SMS.

The General Cargo reliability may be proven by the following facts: а) our service was recommended to 57 per cent of customers by their acquaintances and colleagues who had used it earlier; b) 92 per cent of our clients use our service again.

The clients of General Cargo can rely on: